Audrey Wong Yue / 王瑜
designer working with food, cultural hybridity, and social change

Hello! I’m Audrey and I’m a recent graduate of Central St. Martins’ Graphic Communication Design course. My work is often focused on cultural hybridity and social change. I’m fascinated by the intersectionality of design with other subjects, such as environmental issues, food, or political and social issues. 

I once read about how finding the ordinary interesting is a way to democratize story-telling, that it allows even the mundane to say that we’re here, that our stories are just as important as the stories of kings and warriors. In a way, design works the same way; to bring attention to the small quirks of life makes even the ordinary extraordinary. 

As a designer, I thrive best in open-conversation and discussion based environments. I enjoy bouncing ideas off other people and having that community feedback to make sure my bases are all covered. My practice is very research-led and narrative-based; I enjoy the process of finding out the different perspectives on a subject before challenging it. My goal is to open conversation and to inspire a different perspective of thinking through the work I make.