Instant Newsdles

︎ a pop-up installation discussing the way we perceive news. 

Part of a pop-up installation on the discussion of the way we receive our news. With the rise of personalized data and online media, most of our news becomes curated content, a feedback loop that closes the conversation to those who disagree. Using the analogy of instant noodles and the concept of the ‘isolation booth ramen shop,’ we wanted to bring awareness to how easily news gets sensationalized to fit certain political extremes, and to create an experience for the users.

Creating the build based off the Ichiran ramen concept, we drilled wooden frames into benches, and created three individual pods, to differentiate left-wing, right-wing, and intermediate opinions. 

Collateral for the Ramen bar – the instant noodles represent the idea that having unbalanced perspectives create an instant bias, showing how news can be unhealthy and filler material when left unchecked.